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Helping women get fitter and eat healthier


LWR Personal Trainer iPhone and Android app builds a personalised fitness and diet plan for working women who don’t have time to exercise every day. It has a variety of healthy recipes, stress reduction tips and workouts, that can be fit in around a busy day and don't require any equipment. 
I worked closely with with celebrity personal trainer and best-selling fitness author, Lucy Wyndham-Read and Dennis Publishing team to create this app.

For this project I started off by learning about the target audience. I gathered information from Health & Fitness, Women’s Fitness teams and Lucy. I coordinated surveys, created personas and scenarios. Throughout the duration of the project I became the primary persona. I used diet and fitness apps, not only at work, but also at home. I have started by sketching primary user journey and defining key sections:  set up for personalised diet and workouts, daily schedule and progress. 


Then I started sketching wireframes and user flows. As the app evolved around meal times it made sense to create an interface that looked like a daily agenda - so it would be easy to follow next steps. During that stage we also decided to add a "daily tips" section that would help with motivation and staying healthy.


For the next stage I created high fidelity wireframes and an interactive prototype. Then I did a series of iterations by gathering feedback and conducting user interviews.


It was a great project that kept me fit and the client was happy:

"Barbara worked with me for several weeks creating wireframes for a female focussed fitness app; she worked quickly and thoroughly and provided a strong perspective on direction for the project. She managed user testing, co-ordinated surveys and worked really well with other team members and was highly productive."
Alex Watson, Director of Product, Tablet and Apps at Dennis Publishing

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